What is Laissez?

Laissez is an innovation discovery platform that allows your team to  internally create and invest in ideas and projects using an internal currency system. Browse your colleagues proposals or pitch your own and crowdfund them to get feedback, validation and collaborators.

Laissez was made for teams that need to be able to easily crowdsource ideas and sift through them to choose the best ones.

What does Laissez cost?

Laissez is free! If you are interested in additional premium features such as white labeling, come talk to us!

How do I create a team?

Just go to www.laissez.io/sign_up and create an account! From there you can create a new team and then you’re ready to pitch projects! The whole process takes less than a minute!

How do I use Laissez?

To create a new challenge, first you must create a team or choose an existing team under which to create the challenge. A challenge is visible to all members of it's team, and you can choose who to invite as a moderator of the team and all challenges within it.

How to I add people to my team?

If you are a team owner or admin, you can add other users to your team, use the green "add member" button. New members can be added as admins or normal users. Team admins can invite new members, but only owners can add a team to Slack and change the team cover image.

After adding a new member you'll be redirected to the team members page, where you can access their profiles, and see which other Laissez teams you have in common.

How do I add Laissez to Slack?

Under your team settings page just hit “add to Slack” and authorize the integration. Done! Your Laissez notifications will show up in a new channel called laissez-notifications. When a new project is created, the Laissez Slack bot will announce the new project on the channel it was added to, and you can check it out right away!

How do I get more credits to invest in ideas?

Every Monday you get 3 credits. Your wallet is capped at 10 credits, so if you go too long without using them you’ll stop accumulating credits once the wallet is full.  You can check your credit log by going to your wallet on the top right corner, under your avatar icon.

When are you going to contact me via email?

We use email to notify you of updates or send activity digests if you choose to receive them.

Who can I reach out to if I need help?

Feel free to get in touch with us at contact@laissez.io